What We Do

We Invest Hope

Our goal is to find opportunities to provide hope to a hurting world. That may be clothing and food to meet an immediate need in our community, opportunities for education that will help to break the cycle of poverty in a region or encouragement to families, whether pastors or missionaries around the world.

We offer Men’s, Women’s and Family conferences that provide refreshing, counseling and encouragement to families living in foreign cultures that are often difficult and lonely. We provide times of refreshing to these missionaries and pastors so that they can remain strong and healthy wherever they serve. This keeps them on the field, loving and serving in some difficult places around the world.

Mobile Clothing Ministry

We operate a clothes ministry that provides clothing, shoes, coats and blankets to those in need. Our clothing is primarily distributed through our mobile trailer that is taken to various locations in our community as well as to the homeless in the areas around Austin, Texas.

The Hungry in our Community

Our emergency food pantry is available for those who find themselves in unexpected situations or times when other pantries are closed or otherwise not accessible. We provide basic non-perishable goods to families to sustain them until food banks or other pantries can provide on a larger scale.

Children in Guatemala

Potrero Carrillo is a small village in the Jalapa region of Guatemala. It sits at a crossroads that must be passed to reach many other villages in the region. Currently there is no opportunity for education beyond 14 years old in the area. We have partnered with the church “Asamblea de Dios Zoar” to build a school where these children can continue their education through high school as well as learn a vocational trade that will help them to find consistent employment, helping them to break the cycle of poverty that many seem destined to continue.

Mobilized Workers in China


It is common that missionaries, pastors and their families spend so much time serving and giving to others that they overlook their own need for ministry. Knowing that a very large number of missionaries return from the field within one year never to return and that the average pastor is burned out and leaves the ministry within five years, we chose to serve that specific need. In 1999 we began consistently traveling to areas with need, offering pastoral care and encouragement. We have now developed conferences that focus on Men’s, Women’s, Marriage & Family issues.

Our goal is to serve those families that are giving their lives in ministry. We do not teach doctrine or promote a particular denomination, we simply provide an atmosphere that gets them away from their everyday struggle and gives them a chance to rest and be refreshed. We love on them, provide small gifts (typically things they cannot get in the areas where they live) and encourage them at their point of need. We invest in and provide counseling to marriages and children that are living in different cultures that are often very difficult. These people often struggle to find joy, acceptance and the strength to carry on. Our burden for this need led us to establish consistent visits to the same regions in order to build trust with those we were serving. We have seen incredible results, watching families grow and prosper. Since the year 2000 our focus has been primarily on five major cities in the NE of China as well as the Jalapa region of Guatemala.

Though we still travel to other nations offering the same pastoral care & encouragement, these nations are currently our focus. Our heart is to keep these ministers and their families healthy and encouraged so that they will stay on the field serving and ministering to the people where they are called.